Actor Confidence

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Actors Confidence

The stress of the audition process can create anxiety capable of derailing an actor’s ability to do his best work. People stay in the conscious mind, they tend to analyze and rationalize themselves into a frazzled state right before a performance.

What if you could create a trigger that instantly creates calmness and confidence anytime you wanted to?

SENSORY ENHANCED HYPNOSIS can do that, tapping into the subconscious mind. Specific programming language designed just for actors!

It’s not about being knocked out, or giving up deep dark secrets. Hypnosis is a 100% consent state, you are in control at all times. When in hypnosis an individual can become very relaxed and at the same time very aware, sharp, and mentally focused. The more focused, driven, “strong minded” you are, the deeper you will go in hypnosis.

Programing the subconscious mind for positive affect is safe, fast, and life changing.

Discover the power of HYPNOSIS FOR ACTORS with BRIAN DEAN ESLICK a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) and working actor. The founding director of New Jersey Family Hypnosis, Brian is a recognized expert in his field and has hypnotized thousands of people. Brian is the Northeast’s top hypnotic entertainer, an extremely successful sought after talent for live stage hypnosis shows.

Brian’s a working actor and has auditioned thousands of times for voice, tv and film. He’s been featured on the hit Fox TV show Gotham, he’s appeared in Law & Order SVU, Louie (with Jerry Seinfeld), 666, and more. Brian currently has an on-camera national TV commercial running.

He knows from an actors perspective what it feels like to audition, perform live, and on set.

Brian knows stress and anxiety: He’s a retired Master Sergeant who served over 20 years in United States Air Force, a combat veteran from Desert Storm. He’s dodged SCUD missiles and snipper fire while completing the mission. Brian will share with you the exact methods he used to stay calm and focused.


Reduce stress, fears, anxiety, and build confidence. Perfect for auditions, performing live, and on set.

Get out of your own way, relax and focus on acting.


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